Monday, 13 February 2012

Going Shopping for Scrapbooking Items

Finally got the money to get the needed supplies to start our scrapbook. Wow it's not cheap to start into the craft, but once the basic supplies are gotten, one can maintain the crafting rather low cost end. I still need a few items, like the trimmer and lots more embellishments. Plus another scrapbook as the one I grabbed today doesn't allow for adding in more page protectors. Didn't realize that the album that I grab only had 10 pages in it and couldn't add more it. But that is ok, this allow Nicole and I a chance to try our hand at scrapbooking to see if we really like it or now. I have also tried out some digital scrapbook programs, although I like the digital scrapbooking a lot better, I'm very disappointed with the softwear and a limited design ability that these program have. One would think in this day and age of computers, softwear designers could offer a lot more in the program then want they do.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Welcome to Our Scrapbooking Blog

     Hello and welcome to our blog on scrapbooking the royal family of England.  This is the first scrapbook that my daughter Nicole (age 5) and I have ever done. Just a few weeks back, my daughter asked if she could have a scrapbook, I told her I would think about it. I went and looked up how to doing scrapbooking and what tools and items would be needed. While doing this I keep running ideas about what we would do for our scrapbook, then the idea hit me. I have been a long time Royal Watcher and Nicole seems to be starting to follow in my footsteps as a Watcher too. As well Nicole love anything to do with princesses, castles, queens, ball gowns and dressing up pretty. And I have had a subscription to Hello! Canada for some time now, so I have lots of pictures that we could use, enough picture that would last us a very long time.

     I would be using to blog to keep a record of our growth and learning to scrapbook, as well as a visual record for my daughter when she grows up to look back on and remember things that we did together. This blog would be hard with images, as I plan to take many pictures of us scrapbooking and of our finished pages.  You will find that there are so days that we scrapbook daily, then nothing for weeks at a time, the reason for this is simple. We have a life and can't always find time to do our beloved hobbies. I for one have many hobbies and interests that sometimes I find hard to get time to do. Then why another hobby you ask, simply put, this is something for my daughter and I can do together, and in years to come we will look forward to our scrapbooking time and to look back on with love and enjoyment, and to create a stronger bond with my daughter.